Essay on ‘Conference Room, Five Minutes’ by Shea Serrano

Have you ever come across The Office show? Maybe yes, maybe not, but if you have, you might agree with us when we say that the show was a phenomenon. If you liked the show, then here is an article that might interest you even more. In this article, we shall review the Conference Room, Five Minutes, which is a collection of essays that are devoted to The Office show analysis.

The Office was a show that aired a few years back but had to go off-air due to unavoidable circumstances. However, the show is still considered a banger in the movie industry. It has a lot of appeal and relevance to this generation. Hence Serrano, a profound writer, decided to create a collection of essays based on this show. So let us get right into them.

“Conference Room, Five Minutes” – The Office essay

Serrano takes one episode as his start point to try and examine some aspects of the chosen episode. He also uses each episode to try and gain an in-depth understanding of The Office show and the show’s characteristics.

Warehouse basketball game and Prison Mike

The two essays that Serrano writes on this collection features the following scenes on The Office:

  • The warehouse basketball game scene
  • Prison Mike scene

Serrano tries to describe these plots in the best way possible. Through these two essays, you experience the passion and thrill that Serrano had watching this show. He reviews and analysis these two scenes in the best possible way, creating a compelling essay for any Office enthusiast.

Just like in all his following essays, he ensures to capture the fun moments, jokes, and moments of brilliance. You will without a find yourself laughing at some parts which are included in this essay.

The essays can also be described as historical oral narrations on the two scenes. With the author Serrano narrating while highlighting the parts that he enjoyed the most.

As we dug deeper into Serrano’s collection, we found that the exposition and theorizing balance fell heavier onto the theorizing angle. To the casual Office viewer, this might seem like entering into unfamiliar territory. However if you are passionate about the show, then worry not.

“The perfect heist” essay about The Office character analysis

Serrano’s third essay in this collection is known as the perfect heist. The essay tries to postulate the roles that the show’s main actors would play in case they were select to acts in an Ocean eleven kind of movie. How Serrano makes, his choices is magnificent. He tries to reason out each character before deciding on giving them a role. From his selections, you can quickly tell that he researched hard to gain such kind of reasoning. You can also tell that he is dedicated to providing great content to his readers about the show.

You will find Serrano comparing Matt Damon with Toby Flenderson. He also tries to dig deep into the characters to ensure accuracy in all his selections. He goes through each character’s interrelations and background to gain an in-depth into their life.

The explanations in this essay are delightful. They are precise, simple, and quite understandable, not to mention the thrill of reading them. Hence if you wish to view each of The Office’s actor’s personalities according to Serrano’s point of view, then this is an essay you would not want to miss out on.


The Conference Room, Five Minutes is genuinely an exceptional essay collection on The Office. It defines episodes uniquely and distinctly. If you loved The Office show, then this essay collection will not be a letdown.

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